Romanian-Chinese House is an institution of Romanian civil society, with over 1,000 members and 13 local offices throughout the country and in Bucharest, with specialists and experts in foreign affairs, journalists, co-workers and representatives in major cities in China.

It is the result of the collective initiative of distinguished people, former and present diplomats, important Romanian and Chinese businessmen, personalities from the Romanian political, social and cultural area or distinguished members of the Chinese community, with the support of the leadership of NIRO Investment Group in this important and necessary project for the friendship between Romania and China.

NIRO Group of Companies financed, supported and encouraged ever since 2012 the activity of the Romanian-Chinese House.

The Romanian-Chinese House paid a constant attention to developing cooperation possibilities was a bridge for the development of Romanian-Chinese cooperation through representative projects beneficial for the two countries.

There are numerous economic, educational and cultural projects developed and organised with the support of RCH branches, which benefited from the presence of important Romanian and Chinese personalities. We speak about the Annual Galas dedicated to the Chinese New Year, the international seminar “Chinese Culture and Civilization” in Arad, the Chinese Film festival, The Romanian/Chinese Autumn Festival in Golesti, the song contest “Water Cube”, ASIAFEST, International Child Day celebration, the contest “Chinese Language Bridge” and many other cultural and artistic events organized in cooperation with the Embassy of People’s Republic of China.

“House of Friendship” is the magazine published by the association and includes information on the Romanian-Chinese House activitu, news about the events organized with the Chinese Embassy and article of interest from the Romanian and Chinese media.

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