Next year, in 2024, we celebrate 75th years of establishment of diplomatic relations between People’s Republic of China and Romania,  Romania being the third country in the world who established diplomatic relations with New China. In the traditional spirit of friendship and mutual respect, Romanian Chinese House has set a strategic objective to have an important contribution in enhancing dialogue and cooperation between our countries and peoples, in promotion with priority partnerships in the cultural, academic – scientific and economic areas.

Founded in 2011, the Romanian-Chinese House has established itself as one of the most powerful and prestigious friendship associations with China, occupying the 2nd place in Europe and a landmark for similar organizations in the world, where it is among the top 10. Currently the Romanian-Chinese House is a powerful provider of education, culture and business relations between our peoples.


The Romanian-Chinese House is a legal entity of private law, a non-profit, non-governmental and independent association.


The creation of the most important promoter of cooperation between the two countries in Romanian civil society.


» The setting up of events, programs and activities on various areas of mutual interest, primarily aimed at promoting knowledge and traditions, values , culture and history of the two countries;
» To promote and establish links between institutions, local communities and NGO’s in Romania and China in order to develop joint projects;
» To support institutions and schools in Romania and China with specialized classes in the study of the Chinese language and culture, respectively, of the Romanian, by equipping them with teaching materials and books;
» Translation and publication of the most important works of literature of both countries, into Romanian and Chinese, to develop the specific book fund of the most important libraries in Romania and China;
» The development of tourism between Romania and China through mutual promotion by means of media.

  • Creation of subsidiaries/branches of the association in all county capitals of Romania and organizing specific activities, based on annual programs;
  • Involvement in association activities of as many members, individuals or legal entities;
  • Attracting into the projects of the Association of the most important personalities of Romanian public life, both on national level and for local communities;
  • The establishment of representative offices of the association in the major cities in China and establishing permanent links with central or local administration;
  • Permanent collaboration with the embassies and consulates of both countries to support their projects

Over 200 personalities from Romania – diplomats, sinologists, politicians and representatives of the Chinese community in Romania, are part of the RCH. The members of the association are over 100 companies with Romanian capital and about 20 NGO’s.

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