Corint publishing house announces new titles

The Romanian – Chinese House Association took part in an event organized by the Corinth Publishing House at the Marchal Garden Hotel in Bucharest on Monday, at the launch of the Discover China series of books.

Off the Wall – How We Fell for China, China’s Poverty Alleviation in Progress and The Communist Party of China in 100 Keywords by William N. Brown have been translated into Romanian by the Corint Publishing House and the Foreign Language Press in Beijing.

Luminita Balan, Romanian director of the Confucius Institute attached to the University of Bucharest, said that China will “remain a profound civilization of mankind.”
“Brown’s book is based on the letters he sent while he was living in China with his family, and he explains that many statements about China are wrong and one has to live in China to see the reality, and to remove all false perceptions,” Balan said.
“This book made me live again with open eyes my own experiences with China in the 1980s. We can recognize elements of the enriching Chinese civilization and philosophy. China creates opportunities for self-introspection and reflection about the world. It’s a country that can reinvent itself.”
“I recommend to everybody to visit China because it’s a unique experience,” said Florin Burican, a sinologist who studied in Beijing, where he married a Chinese woman and moved with her to Bucharest.

Ion Antonescu, former secretary of state for culture and owner of one of the country’s largest travel agencies said that China is “a favorite travel destination because it’s a world in a country.”

Marina Almasan, a TV producer with Romanian National Television and the representatives of the Romanian-Chinese House also spoke at the event.

“We started this project five years ago to promote cross-cultural knowledge and introduce aspects of Chinese reality and culture,” said Raluca Sofronie, an editor with the Corint Publishing House.


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