F&J Group

F&J Group was founded in Europe in 1992. After more than 20 years of development, it has formed an integrated financial service as the engine, industrial investment and integration as the cornerstone, investment and consulting services as the value enhancement, and international asset management and operation as the steady development. The Slugu combines business models with a blend of products. In 2004, the company was listed in the “Top 20 Shanghai Privately Operated Transnational Enterprises”.
F&J Group, with strategic foresight always adheres to the management theory of stable development and rational investment. In overseas markets, F&J Group becomes the partner of Chinese enterprises who want to invest and merge at aboard with mansion of international exploration and practice of Chinese enterprises, by its practical experience in overseas investment and making full use of business and government resources in overseas. In the Chinese markets, F&J Group realizes its sustainable development depending on its deep understanding on eastern capital advantages and western technology research and development and industrial advantages, making full use of its rich experience in international industrial investment operation. Through joint ventures with leading domestic equity investment companies and western government financial investment platforms, we will integrate and enhance F&J core competitiveness, and strive to create a fusion model of Slugu production and integration in the West Triangle Economic Zone, to help Xi’an achieve the development goal of the Slugu Innovation Engine of Silk Road Economic Belt.
F&J International strategic layout is based on Shanghai, China and London, as an international investment and consulting operation management center and technology innovation value-added service platform, radiating the EU market; with Xi’an as an integrated financial service and Slugu production and melting demonstration base, radiation Western China; Romania is the integrated financial service center and overseas production and processing base and procurement center, radiating the Central and Eastern European markets. F&J International is committed to giving full play to the geographical advantages of Xi’an at the new starting point of the Silk Road, with an international offshore innovation center as an overseas platform, establishing an international investment service system, seizing the market opportunities of the China International Import Expo and creating an international development. The Slugu innovation model establishes the image of the innovation and development benchmark of the “Central and Eastern Europe 17+1” strategy under the national “Belt and Road” strategy.
To build a platform for overseas and eastern capital investment in the western industry’s industry and finance operation, and become a partner of Chinese companies’ EU investment and international mergers and acquisitions. F&J International’s strategic goal is to become an influential international asset management and operation company of the Silk Road economy.

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