ILIE ZUO, chinezul cu suflet de roman

Chinese people in Romania form one of the smaller groups of overseas Chinese in Europe, consisting mainly of Chinese expatriates living in Romania and Romanian citizens of Chinese descent.
Ilie Zuo , with a German citizenship, started his European adventure as a student in Romania, with which he was connected for life and which he calls “my Romania”.
Wherever you see him in China, Europe or the world, he wears the equipment of the Romanian national football team with great pride.
He is a fluent speaker of Romanian and German, in addition to his native language.
He did not distance himself from the passion for football that he acquired in Romania and from Hagi, of course.

He lost the opportunity to be an assistant-translator to Cosmin Olaroiu at Jiangsu Suning, when he won the champion of China football, but now he is an assistant-translator for coach Beskid Ewald, born in Romania, in Maramures and who now coaches the team of the Bayern Munich school in Shanghai.
He recently attended the match between Shanghai Shenhua and Wuhan, as a supporter of the Romanian footballer Stanciu.


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