Ziua Republicii Populare Chineze

Casa Romano-Chineza a fost prezenta la aniversarea  Zilei Naționale a Republicii Populare Chineze sarbatorita la ambasada din Bucuresti.

Ambasadorul Chinei in Romania, domnul Xu Feihong impreuna cu sotia sa, doamna Tan Yuxiu au fost gazdele unei receptii in vederea comemorarii a 68 de ani de la fondarea Republicii Populare Chineze. Presedintele Camerei Deputatilor a Romaniei si al Partidului Social Democrat, domnul Liviu Dragnea, vice-presedintele Senatului si presedintele grupului parlamentar de prietenie cu R. P. Chineza, domnul Nicolae Badalau, ministrul afacerilor externe, domnul Teodor Melescanu, ministrul pentru mediu de afaceri, comert si antreprenoriat, domnul Ilan Laufer, ministrul cercetarii și inovarii, domnul Puiu Lucian Georgescu , ministrul consultarii publice si dialogului social, domnul Gabriel Petrea, ministrul pentru relatia cu parlamentul, domnul Viorel Ilie, presedintele curții de conturi, domnul Nicolae Vacaroiu, secretarul general al Partidului Social Democrat, domnul Marian Neacsu, primarul general al Bucureștiului, doamna Gabriela Firea au participat la acest eveniment, un total de peste 650 de persoane.

Ambasadorul Xu Feihong in discursul sau a declarat ca atat China cat și România au realizat în acest an mari impliniri in dezvoltarea economică și construcția națională. Relațiile bilaterale au evoluat pozitiv, iar rezultatele au fost incurajatoare. Vizitele frecvente, reciproce, de nivel înalt in diverse domenii de cooperare au capatat profunzime si vitalitate, ridicand relatiile bilaterale la un nivel superior. Increderea politica dintre cele două tari a fost imbunatatita precum si investitiile in plan economic si comercial, cooperarea pe scara larga a proiectelor, iar in ceea ce priveste infrastructura si schimburile culturale suntem in asteptarea unor rezultate mai solide. China si Romania trebuie sa consolideze cooperarea pentru proiectul Belt and Road dar si pentru cooperarea in format 16+1 pentru a o promova pe o scala mult mai larga si pentru a imbunatati continuu aceasta prietenie bilaterala.

Mai mult, excelenta sa ambasadorul Xu a subliniat faptul ca pe 18 octombrie 2017, Partidul Comunist Chinez va convoca Cel de-al 19-lea Congres, nu doar pentru a reglementa situatia pentru dezvoltarea Chinei, si pentru construirea unei comunitati cu soarta comuna, pentru a propune initiative noi. China va extinde și mai mult deschiderea catre lumea exterioara, va aprofunda cooperarea cu alte state din lume și va accelera proietul Belt and Road.

Presedintele Camerei Deputatilor Dragnea a felicitat China in numele Romaniei pentru Ziua Nationala, a apreciat marile realizari in dezvoltarea economica si sociala a Chinei, admitand faptul ca de la stabilirea relatiilor diplomatice romano-chineze, cele doua tari au mentinut prietenia traditionala si sustin contruirea unor relatii bilaterale. Romania a acordat in permanenta o importanta deosebita dezvoltarii relatiilor cu China si cooperarii in diverse domenii de activitate. Guvernul va sustine continuu prietenia si cooperarea dintre cele doua parti.

In prezent cele două tari se confruntă cu noi oportunitati de dezvoltare, iar partea romana sprijina ferm și participa activ la cooperarea “16 + 1” din cadrul proiectului Belt and Road și ureaza bun venit firmelor chineze sa investeasca în România, sa promoveze cooperarea dintre cele două tari, care aduce beneficii reale ambilor parti.

Oaspeti veniti din toate campurile de activitate au urat caduroase felicitari Chinei pentru sarbatorirea Zilei Nationale, au laudat infaptuirile Chinei in ceea ce priveste dezvoltarea si asteapta nerabdatori ca relatia de prietenie bilaterale romano-chineze sa se solidifice.

La receptie au fost invitati artisti chinezi si romani pentru a canta imnul national al celor doua tari, au fost dirijate expozitii de fotografie “Poveste Chinezeasca 2017” si expozitii de pictura “China in ochii copiilor”, au fost prezentate cartile despre situatia realizarilor din plan economic si social a Chinei, precum si contructia proiectului Belt and Road. TVR, B1 TV, Realitatea TV, Digi 24 TV etc au raportat receptia. Ziarul “Adevarul” si ziarul “Nine o’clock” au publicat reportaje despre Ziua Nationala a Chinei in suplimente. Domnul Ambasador Xu, Ministrul de externe, domnul Melescanu au transmis urari, si isi doresc prosperitate nationala si perspective bune pentru cooperarea bilaterala chino-romana.


Remarks by H.E. Xu Feihong, Ambassador of China to Romania at the Chinese National Day Reception on 27 September 2017

Respected Mr. Liviu Dragnea, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,

Respected MPs, Ministers,

Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure having you here to share with me the rejoice over the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Romania. Warm welcome to all of you.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to recall the fabulous and memorable moments up till now this year having taken place in China, Romania, and the relations between our two countries.

We have experienced a positive and encouraging development in the China-Romania relations. Mr. President, at your invitation, H.E. Liu Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, paid a successful visit to Romania and participated in the ‘China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Political Parties Dialogue 2017’. Romanian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Environment Grațiela Leocadia Gavrilescu was invited to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. These high level visits are those of very close interactions of Chinese and Romanian peoples, injecting new vitality to the wide range of deep cooperation and pushing our bilateral relations to a new high. Our bilateral mutual trust has been strengthened, economic and investment cooperation are expected to produce more tangible outcomes. The enterprises have stepped up their negotiations on such energy projects as Cernavoda nuclear plants and Rovinari coal-fired plant. The Chinese companies at the inspiration of the Romanian government have also shown strong interests in building Romanian bridges, roads, railways and other infrastructure projects. More Romanian agricultural products bid fair for Chinese market, realizing a better balanced trade. The Chinese Cultural Institute in Bucharest got its registration not long ago, which hopefully will play a bigger role in expanding cultural and people-to-people exchanges. Here, there is one thing specially worth felicitating, namely the accession of Romania to the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. Romania’s membership creates a platform for Romania to further its collaboration with China and other Asian countries and it is also a full manifestation that Romania is a very important partner in the Belt and Road Initiative.

We are delighted to see great achievements made by both China and Romania in each other’s economic development and national construction. In the first six months, China’s GDP grew by 6.9 per cent, fastest among the big economies and its per capita disposable income increased by 8.8 per cent. The employment growth and consumer prices remain stable. China tops the world in internet scale, motorway and high speed railway network.

Likewise, Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, with its half year GDP registered an increase of 5.8 per cent, amounting to 411 billion RON. The Romanian Government with the spirit of pragmatism and efficiency has made great progress in improving the country’s business environment, implementing its governing Programme, and speeding up the bidding process for major projects.

Moreover, the wonders in the coming few months this year are far from over. We are looking forward to more highlights. The 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is going to convene on 18 October. In the Congress, new plans will be worked out for China’s future development; new measures will be launched for building the community of common destiny for mankind. China is determined to open wider to the outside world, deepen its cooperation with other countries, and advance the Belt and Road initiative at a faster pace.

China-Romania relations are promising as well. Romania will host the first 16+1 Energy Fair and Energy Minister’s Meeting in November, which are expected to enhance pragmatic collaboration between China and regional countries in the energy and other fields and make major progress in the current stage of our efforts on the big cooperative projects between China and Romania. China and Romania as ‘friends in need and friends in deed’ will surely devote ourselves to enrich the connotation of our comprehensive and friendly cooperative relationship and make greater contribution to pursuing the Belt and Road initiative.

Dear friends, about two weeks ago Romanian government decided to simplify the dealing progress for Chinese citizens’ visa application. It is a very important and positive step forward to facilitate the people-to-people exchanges. Herewith, I would express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Dragnea for your personal contributions to help us get this achievement and all the efforts made by the Romanian government, Romanian Foreign Ministry and other cabinet institutions and the friends who care about the relations and friendship between China and Romania.

To conclude my speech, I would ask you to raise glasses to the National Day of China, to the friendship of China and Romania, to the good health of everybody. Cheers!

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