ZTE ROMANIA represents the expression of a long and fruitful relationship of friendship and cooperation between our countries and peoples. We were founded in Bucharest in 2004 and since then we manage, together with a team of exceptional professional value, to promote telecommunications technologies that have revolutionized the local market.
Every year, our company prepares new and new generations of experts in different sub-branches of the profile industry so that we have become a first-class player in the Romanian fixed and mobile communications market.
We benefit from the unconditional support of ZTE University in Shenzhen, the fruit of the work of colleagues involved in the research and development of various technologies with high impact on the industry as well as the production lines in the People’s Republic of China that ensure our orders.
As soon as the pandemic began to affect Europe, our company took vigorous measures to ensure the protection of all its employees as well as partners in Romania and the entire region. ZTE, which is a world leader in telecommunications technology, has not been affected by the global SARS-Cov2 pandemic protection measures. We can say that we only felt the emotion of temporary separation from colleagues and business partners. This planetary disease has once again demonstrated that a strong company, such as ZTE, is prepared to deal with even unpredictable emergencies.
As long as the Romanian business environment is based on high technology, this gives us the guarantee of survival in these picturesque and hopeful lands, with friendly people eager to collaborate with the energetic team of ZTE Romania and our colleagues working in the operational branches of over 160 countries around the world.

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